New Energy and Climate Policy Research Seminar

 “Four decades of multi-year targets in energy policy:

aspirations or credible commitments?”

Gregory Nemet

 Gregory Nemet is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the La Follette School of Public Affairs and the Nelson Institute’s Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment.

 Wednesday September 19, 12-1:30 PM

 Mortara Center for International Studies

3600 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

 Lunch will be served


RSVP to attend at the link below:

The Energy and Climate Policy Research Seminar aims to enhance intellectual exchange among Georgetown faculty and students that are conducting research on the international and domestic dimensions of energy and climate change policy. It is co-sponsored by the Mortara Center for International Studies and the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, and organized by Professors Joanna Lewis (SFS-STIA) and David Konisky (GPPI).

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