Presentation on the Rights Defense Movement in China

 Rights Defense Movement in China

 Friday, Nov. 9th, 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Faculty Conference Center (Burns 505)

Presentation and discussion with TENG Biao

- Awards and Accomplishments

✴ Counsel to and advocate for human rights lawyers and activists, including Chen Guangcheng, Hu Jia & Wang Bo

✴ Lecturer at China University of Political Science and Law ✴ Director of China Against Death Penalty (Beijing)

✴ One of the “Three Doctors of Law” requesting NPC declare detention system for internal immigrants unconstitutional

✴ Prize for Outstanding Democracy Activist, China Democracy Education Foundation (2011)

✴ Hellman/Hammett Grants, Human Rights Watch (2010)

✴ Democracy Award, NED 2008

✴ Human Rights Prize of French Republic (2007)

✴ The Gleitsman Award of Achievement, Gleitsman Foundation (2003)

✴ Co-founder of the Open Constitution Initiative and China Against Death Penalty

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