Exciting developments at the China Guiding Cases Project (CGCP)

We are pleased to announce exciting developments at the China Guiding Cases Project (CGCP) (http://cgc.law.stanford.edu)!

    • GC9: Shanghai Cunliang Trading Co., Ltd. v. JIANG Zhidong, WANG Weiming et al., A Sale and Purchase Contract Dispute
    • GC10: LI Jianjun v. Shanghai Jiapower Environment Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd., A Corporate Resolution Revocation Dispute
    • GC11: YANG Yanhu et al., A Graft Case
    • GC12: LI Fei, An Intentional Homicide Case
  • NEW Expert Commentary on Guiding Case No. 8 on Corporate Deadlock Issues by YUAN Changchun of Broad and Bright Law Firm, available in Chinese and English at http://cgc.law.stanford.edu/6-partner-yuan/     
  • Final Editions of Guiding Cases 5-8 English Translations
  • Coming soon!
    • Expert Commentary on incorporating guiding cases into judicial training programs in China
    • Expert Commentary on the “case system” in Germany and implications for China’s Guiding Case System.

As the CGCP heads into its third year, we welcome feedback from the community regarding the quality of our work products, especially our translations and translators’ notes included in the Guiding Cases.  We encourage you to give us comments at http://cgc.law.stanford.edu/contact/ or by directly writing to Director Mei Gechlik at mgechlik@law.stanford.edu.

Finally, we always welcome distinguished jurists, scholars, and practitioners to contribute to CGCP by submitting commentaries on the guiding cases for publication on the CGCP website.  If you are interested in submitting a commentary, please consult our guidelines at http://cgc.law.stanford.edu/contribute/.

If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to the China Guiding Cases Project mailing list by visiting https://mailman.stanford.edu/mailman/listinfo/chinaguidingcasesproject. Just enter your email address in the space provided and then click “Subscribe.” Please note that we primarily use this list to communicate important announcements and developments, so be sure to sign up today!


The CGCP Team

Stanford Law School


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