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The Asian Studies Wire provides you information of recent events on Asia, arranged by date, for example: 

October. 10, Governance and Public Service Delivery in Asia <>

The Asian Studies Wire pronounces opportunities for people with Asian language skills or chances to enhance your language skills, for example:

Opportunity to Participate in Bilingual Research

Who: Mandarin-English bilinguals (18-30 years old) with limited experience with Romance languages. You must have begun learning both languages before the age of 6 and feel a relative sense of balance in your language abilities.

What: Complete a series of learning tasks, including learning an artificial third language.

Time: 4 total sessions (18 hrs. total), scheduled at your own convenience.

Where: In the Brain and Language Lab at GU.

Compensation: Earn up to $12/hr for volunteering your time.
Call us or e-mail to see if you qualify: 202-687-4948,<>

Also, the Asian Studies Wire updates information on “call for papers”, “write for blogs” and many other useful and fun things about Asian Studies. An example of calling for paper in its most recent updates:

Call for Papers: Social Movements and World-System Transformation: Prospects and Challenges<>

An important innovation in the 38th Conference of the Political Economy of the World-System (PEWS) is that we recognize that world-systemic transformation requires new practices that consciously resist reproducing the boundaries, hierarchies, and exclusions of the existing order. Thus, this conference will model relationships and practices that might better advance knowledge and learning about the world-system and its transformation by including both scholars and social movement organizers in the workshop and by working to maximize the interdisciplinary content and international participation of the program.

If you are interested, just check out the website at:, and you will find the subscription option at the bottom left. 


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